VIRGINIA BEACH-- Virginia Beach elementary schools are struggling with a new online grading system.

School officials say in some cases the program was calculating incorrect grades for students.

'All of my kids except for one are getting an 'A' in math and that's a bunch of garbage,' a teacher wrote 13News.

The problem occurred when the district switched to new software.

Virginia Beach Education Association President Trenace Riggs says the district has now fixed the problem with the software calculating wrong averages.

However, she warns many teachers haven't been properly trained how to use the software so parents could still see more mistakes on progress reports until everyone gets up to speed.

'Our other vendor dropped the ball. It was a quick turnaround. A new program was put out before we could work out the bugs,' said Riggs.

While the change is district-wide, the grading glitches are affecting only elementary schools.

Riggs says teachers are getting frustrated from the confusion.

'It is aggravating when you have to go back and redo everything because the program is not working,' said one teacher.

Trenace Riggs says some principals have sent letters home to warn parents but the district is now working to notify all parents.

Riggs wants to assure parents that school officials are working diligently to fix the problems.

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