VIRGINIA BEACH - Police say a Virginia Beach teacher was drunk in school.

Officers say 28-year old Jessica Snyder fell in the hallway of Plaza Middle School at about 11:00 a.m. Thursday.

Police stress Snyder had not been in contact with any of her students at the time.

Snyder was charged with Public Intoxication and released on bond.

'I was going down the hall, and I saw her, and I was, like, she looks normal, like, she just kind of walks around the way she normally does,' Jessica Simgin told 13News.

Simgin passed Snyder hours before the French teacher's arrest. Simgin normally is in Snyder's first class of the day, but was on a field trip Thursday. She said her classmates waited outside Snyder's room, but the teacher didn't show up.

'The first week of school, she had, like everything just came down on her, like, karma just hit her,' said Simgin. 'I don't know if it was her cat died or her dog. One of them died, and it was really close to her, and, then, her family, one of her family members got really sick.'

Simgin explained that Wednesday Snyder told students her job may be in jeopardy following a classroom observation by the school's principal.

'She said the principal came up to us and did her little things on our class and said that she might get fired anyways, because she hasn't been doing a good job,' said Simgin, adding she only has learned numbers and a couple words in French.

'She has taught her nothing. She can count to 10. What is she doing? You know, if you have issues, go see a psychiatrist,' said Simgin's mother, Carol Bauss. 'My daughter told me, she's been through a lot, so I understand, but I don't feel like she should have been in the classroom.'

Virginia Beach City Public Schools spokesman Jeff Barba told that Snyder did not return to the building following her arrest and will not return while an investigation is ongoing.

He added that this is her first year with Virginia Beach City Public Schools.

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