PORTSMOUTH - Students at a Portsmouth school were kept on school buses for the morning while authorities investigated a possible gas leak, spokeswoman Maureen Mizelle told

Some parents were seen picking their children from Victory Elementary School on Greenwood Drive up as the search for the leak continued.

The fire department and School System Operations department tested the air after a staff member reported the smell of gas in her classroom, said Schools spokeswoman Maureen Mizelle.

She said the only people in the building at the time were faculty, support staff and a before-school program housed in the cafeteria.

Everyone was evacuated as a precaution and arriving children weren't allowed inside the school.

'The one classroom registered the presence of gas and the heating unit to that classroom was turned off and is being inspected. All other rooms in the building had readings of 0 indicating no gas present,' she stated.

The six staff members who had been in the rooms on that hall where the odor was detected were tested by EMTs and their blood levels came back with a reading of 0. One staff member complained of a headache and she was transported to the hospital for further testing, noted Mizelle.

The building was given the all clear and students returned to class. The students on the hall with the affected room will be placed in classrooms on the STARBASE Victory wing for today.

At 1:00 p.m. the Fire and Operations departments will re-test levels.

The retest won't require any evacuation because this is an early release for staff development, said Mizelle.

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