WASHINGTON (AP) -- President Barack Obama dives back into campaigning after three days immersed in managing the federal response to the storm that battered the East Coast.

The contours of the presidential race remain much the same, with Obama and Republican Mitt Romney locked in a tight contest and both campaigns predicting victory.

The president's advisers insist his break from campaigning had minimal impact on his standing. If anything, it gave Obama a chance to offer the type of comfort and command in a crisis that only a president can deliver.

Still, the Democratic campaign is seeking to make up for the lost time with a heavy travel itinerary in the coming days, including rallies today in Wisconsin, Nevada and Colorado.

Romney has three campaign stops in Virginia Thursday, ending the tour at Farm Bureau Live in Va. Beach beginning at 6:30 p.m.

Michelle Obama will be at Hampton University on Friday and President Bill Clinton will campaign in Chesapeake on Saturday.

The campaigns are wooing voters to get the state's critical 13 electoral votes.

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