WASHINGTON,DC - It's the day before Election Day and the experts say the race is so close that the man who gets the most votes Tuesday might not win the presidency.

It would be the second time in 12 years that has happened - the first being the 2000 race between George W. Bush and Al Gore.

Most national polls show Mitt Romney and President Barack Obama are virtually tied. However, polls show President Obama leads Romney in the most important swing state - Ohio.

If Obama holds on there, he could wind up being the Electoral College winner, even if he doesn't win the popular vote.

If Romney wins Ohio, he could be the one who wins the Electoral College with President Obama getting the most popular votes.

If we get a 'split decision' and the results are really close, we could see legal challenges again too. If we get that year 2000 scenario - where one state decides it - and it's a virtual tie like we saw in Florida back then - the losing candidate would almost certainly challenge the results. And that could mean it'd be several days - or weeks - before we learn who won.

If that happens, let's hope we don't see 'hanging chads' again and maybe the Supreme Court won't have to get involved.

Why would either candidate be doing better in the swing state polls than in the national polls?

it could be because the real campaign is only happening in those swing states.

That's where voters see and meet the candidates - and get the phone calls - and the mailings - and see all the commercials.

People in the all the 40 states are not seeing that campaign - so people there might be reaching different conclusions. Plus - in some swing states, like Ohio, the economy's doing better than in most other states. That could make a difference too.

If it's REALLY close - there could be a TIE in the Electoral College.

If each candidate gets 269 electoral votes - and you need 270 to win - the House of Representatives would choose the President. And since Republicans control the House, Romney would be the winner. But the Senate would choose the Vice-President. And since Democrats control the Senate - Joe Biden would be Vice-President again. So, you could have a Romney-Biden administration.

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