VIRGINIA BEACH - Not every kid likes what they see on TV. Right after Hurricane Sandy, all those images of destroyed homes hit home for Emily Esposito, who has relatives in lower Manhattan. Her uncle lost his house and both of his cars.

'I was really sad,' she said. 'Many people lost so much of the stuff they had owned.'

Emily goes to Princess Anne Middle School - a school that's very active in the Rachel's Challenge program. It emphasizes kindness and respect so students can turn their schools into more positive places.

Now, instead of using it to better their school, they're working with kids at another Rachel's Challenge school -- Princess Anne Elementary --to raise money for the American Red Cross Hurricane Sandy relief effort.

Already, the middle school has collected donations in the cafeteria during lunch and at the front desk. Students are planning ajeans day fundraiser as well.

'Just having a chance to help others or to make an impact is just amazing,' said Will Sexton. 'It makes me feel good, makes me feel like I have purpose.'

On Wednesday, November 14 at 3:45 p.m. at Princess Anne Middle, they'll have a ceremony and then a kickball game between teachers and students. Join me and 13News Daybreak anchors Vanessa Coria and Sandra Parker, who will try to help the kids try to win. We brought a ringer to play on the kids' team - Olympic Gold Medal track star LaShawn Merritt from Portsmouth.

Every dollar counts and that's especially true when it comes to helping out Sandy victims, people who have lost so much. 13News is proud to give them a helping hand.

Gates open at 3:45 p.m. and admission is $1 for students, $2 for staff and the public.

Soda, home made goodies, pizza, Rachel's Challenge Anti-Bully bans and more will be for sale.

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