HAMPTON Police Chief Charles R. Jordan Jr. resigned Tuesday afternoon after serving for 8 years as head of the Hampton Police Division.

Members of the police division learned of the resignation from an email from the Hampton City Manager.

Jordan had been placed on administrative leave with pay on Oct. 18 while the city investigated an undercover cigarette sting.

In a statement to media outlets, City Manager Mary Bunting said Jordan halted the sting operation following allegations that money was misused.

The 19-month operation was supposed to crack down on black-market cigarette traffickers.

While the undercover operation was underway, it reportedly brought in millions of dollars, but no arrests resulted from the investigation.

Bunting said placing Jordan on administrative leave would ensure a thorough investigation without the perception of influence.

The following is a statement send from City Manager Mary Bunting to the police division:

Earlier this evening, Chief Jordan provided me with a letter of resignation which I accepted. He plans to make his own media release concerning his decision. I appreciate Chief Jordan's many years of service to the community and wish him well in his retirement.

Chief Townsend has agreed to continue in his interim role pending the completion of a selection process for a permanent placement. I believe the Hampton Police Division is in excellent hands with Chief Townsend in the leadership role during this transitional period. Please know that I continue to appreciate the extreme dedication and commitment that each of the members of the HPD exhibits day in and day out. I thank you in advance for your continued focus on the important mission of your department as well as your service to our citizens and community.

Although Jordan did not wish to talk on camera, he provided 13News with a copy of the resignation papers sent to the City Manager.

In part, he wrote:

'This announcement should in now way suggest nor be perceived as a concession of any wrong doing by me, my office, or anyone in my command...I am absolutely confident that these investigations will, at minimum, reveal no wrongdoing. However, I am concerned that these alleged independent investigations as initiated by the city will fail to closely examine the level of knowledge various city officials have had about this entire operation, to include the City Manager's Office as well as the City Attorney's Office...I am mindful of the fact that many, but certainly not all, members of the leadership in the City of Hampton are not supportive of the men and women in this department...'

Jordan added his hope '...that our local officials and city government take this opportunity to reflect upon the men and women of the Hampton Police Division. This is a proud department, which has always stressed integrity and honor.'

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