VIRGINIA BEACH - Some students are playing a dangerous game on the walk to school. It's the real-life version of Frogger, a video game where a frog tries to make it across several lanes of traffic on a busy street.

In front of Princess Anne High School, someone shouts 'go' and students run across Va. Beach Blvd., even though the light is green giving vehicles the right of way.

Most times, the students make it across, but sometimes, they don't.

Sophomore Ariel Salter's ankle was injured by by a car crossing at the same place. She's lucky - she walked away with a bruise and a sprain. She says she wasn't playing frogger.

'That's what they thought. I was playing, but I wasn't,' she says.

Parent Penelope Cruz thinks a crossing guard should be watching the roadway.

'God forbid if one of them slips and falls or playing around and get pushed,' she says.

Virginia Beach Schools says it's posted security in the area, that students have been reminded during Phys Ed classes about crosswalk safety and voice mail alerts were sent to parents after 13News brought the game to the school's attention.

Even so, a week later, students were still playing the game and one student was weaving in and out of traffic on a bicycle.

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