HAMPTON--Police are investigating a reported scam involving two men who tried to swindle $10,000 from an 82-year-old woman.

The woman's daughter told 13News her mother was approached by two well dressed, articulate men in their fifties in the Farm Fresh parking lot on Coliseum Drive.

The men told her they were with a church, raising funds for students to go to college, and asked the woman for a donation.

The woman's daughter said the scammers rode in the car with her mother to a Wells Fargo Bank down the street.

One of men followed the elderly woman into the bank. When she tried to withdraw the money, the teller became suspicious, got a manager's attention and police were called.

The suspect left the bank before police arrived.

Vanassa Jones lives in the Coliseum Central area. She was upset to hear about the attempted fraud.

'We come out here, our minds are focused on caring about other people and someone touches the love part of your heart, that's cruel because you're taking away from that desire to bless another person,' Jones said.

Betty Galeski, who is 78, was shopping in the area and says she has heard of scams like this.

'Once they're gone you can't find them anymore,' Galeski said. 'Everybody should stay alert, especially this time of year.'

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