VIRGINIA BEACH---Stormwater flooding on Sea Shell Road in Virginia Beach has been a recurring problemfor the neighborhood east of the Lesner Bridge off Shore Drive.

Now, even after residents were told the money wasn't there to fix it, Deputy City Manager Dave Hansen is calling it a top focus in the new year.

Hansen sent a letter to the Eastern Shore Drive community outlining the city's plan.

The letter shows a map of drainage areas and elevations for neighborhoods east of the Lesner Bridge.

It will be completed Thursday, when they can start looking into what solution will work best.

Residents like Kevin Reynolds made repeated attempts to get help from the city for storm water relief because the road only has one run-off drain.

He and other neighbors chipped in with their own money and hired a contractor to install it.13News exposed the problem of flooding in the area with news coverage last year.

'Since your last story we've gotten a lot more attention,' said Reynolds. 'I think things are going to start happening now.'

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