VIRGINIA BEACH A Virginia Beach teenager is working to honor the victims of the Connecticut elementary school shooting.

Maddie Dubinsky has started a movement to remember the lives lost. She's asking local families to put stars on their windows.

'I want the victims' families to see that stars are up for them.'

Dubinsky's mother Susan is proud of her daughter's idea.

'If it were my child that it had happened to, I would hope other people would remember and honor the memory of my child.'

Friday, a gunman killed 20 children and six adults inside Sandy Hooks Elementary school.

Investigators say the killer, Adam Lanza, murdered his mother before the massacre. Lanza eventually killed himself.

The tragedy has touched people around world and across the nation. On Facebook, people posted stars on their walls to remember those lost.

Dubinksi took the act a little further, calling families to put stars on their windows at home. She hopes it will send a positive message. 'That even though this is a tragedy, there is some love in the world.'
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