VIRGINIA BEACH - In October 2006, Sherrie Harris weighed 298 pounds. She says she's struggled with her weight since fifth grade.

Fast forward to 2013 and she's stepping on the scale at between 125-128 pounds.

The catalyst for a commitment to change was when her youngest son got ridiculed because of his 'fat mom.'

She says was an uneducated eater and learned through Weight Watchers about portion control. She also wrote in her journal about her eating.

It didn't hurt that her daughter, a culinary school student, learned about healthy cooking. She lost 65 pounds in two years.

'I'm very proud of her,' Harris states.

Harris, now a Weight Watchers leader, uses her story to help others on their path to a more healthy life.

She says her top tools are: learn your portions, journal and do what you can to keep junk food out of the house. Don't buy it. If someone in your family wants it, they'll have to spend the money.

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