NEWPORT NEWS-- A Newport News homeowner thought she was getting a great deal when a local tree service stopped by and offered her a great price to cut down her trees but she now warns others that the men never finished the job and it cost her $1,100.

Andrea LeClair and her husband wanted to have several trees cut down in their yard but didn't have the money to hire a tree service.

Late last year, two men driving by saw LeClair in her yard in Newport News and stopped. They introduced themselves as HCN General Contractors and Tree Service Company.

LeClair paid the men $1,100 to cut down her trees but she says they never finished the job, branches and debris were strewn everywhere and she couldn't get them to come back.

'They didn't complete what their contract stated, basically to leave things neat,' says LeClair.

She says the men even left their ladder behind but they never returned.

On Insider Pages, an online review site, one person claims HCN General Contractors only cut down one tree and then they disappeared.

The 13News Troubleshooters called several numbers associated with the company but the numbers were no longer in service or the calls weren't returned.

No one answered the door at their business address on Margaux Circle in Newport News.

The City of Newport News has HCN General Contractors listed as closed after a business license expired in March of last year.

Virginia's Department of Professional and Occupational Regulationdoesn't have a license on file for the company either.

Although a license is not required for all tree cutting, it is required when the service is over $1,000.

Newport News Police Spokesperson Lou Thurston says this sort of thing happens all the time and recommends homeowners don't deal with people who just show up at their homes offering services.

'A lot of these people will try to give you a good price to whatever you want done. So if you've done some shopping around, you know what the going price is. Be a little leery of these folks who want to do much cheaper,' warned Thurston.

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