NORFOLK It's been quite a week for 'Charlie the Labradoodle.'

13NEWS was the first local TV station to bring you his story. Our photographer, Rick Dillow, told us about the dog that looks like a lion. Soon enough, the story wound up on all the national networks.
'Jeanne Moos put some things together for CNN, and Jay Leno put some clips together from CNN, and pulled things together from a lot of your video,' Danny Painter said.

Anderson Cooper had Painter on, and Lara Spencer interviewed him on Good Morning America. 'She's never asked celebrities to get pictures taken with her or anything like that. But she wanted a picture with Charlie while we were there. We took a lot of pictures with the producers and makeup artists and things like that. He had a great time.'

Painter's daughter Natalie said they asked Rob Lowe for a group photo and he said,'Yeah but would you mind if I got just one of me and the dog?' And I was like yeah sure, and so he tweeted a little picture of him and Charlie.'

But there's no place like home, and Charlie the Monarch' found his way into the Lady Monarch locker room Sunday. One player freaked out, but everyone else fell in love with the labradoodle. 'They were excited. Some of them were like AHH! But they were so excited. It was like wow he is a celebrity. But he is as cute as I don't know what!' Coach Karen Barefoot said.

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