VIRGINIA BEACH---The National Motorists Association claims that some Virginia Beach traffic lights aren't in compliance with state law.

They prefer a methodology issued by the Institute of Traffic Engineers, a formula that bases yellow-light intervals on the speed of free-flowing traffic and not the speed limit.

They say if the yellow lights were lengthened, approximately 8,000 red-light camera violations would not have been issued.

'I'm a rule-follower,' said Virginia Beach resident Carla Smith. 'But between my husband and I, we've received around four tickets since this has started.'

The city is firing back at the claims.

'They don't have the facts on their side,' said city spokesperson Drew Lankford in a statement to 13News Friday. 'They fired, aimed, and missed.'

A city engineer also told 13News that they've been in compliance with state requirements since the beginning of the Photosafe program. It's based on guidelines set by the Virginia Department of Transportation.

VDOT issued a memorandum this week that highlights a new formula for calculating interval times.

The city updated timing at the 13 intersections with red light cameras on Thursday, and they maintain even before the changes they were in compliance with VDOT's standards.

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