RALEIGH, NC - The lone survivor of a plane crash in North Carolina on Sunday says the crash happened suddenly as they tried to land at Dare Co. regional airport.

'There was no notice or advance warning,' said Joanna Redmon. 'It was very quick coming out of the fog. We tried to pull the plane out, it was just too late.'

Speaking from her home in Raeford, NC on Wednesday, she had only praise for the pilot - her friend Gregory Fields Carlisle. She called him a hero, explaining he maneuvered the plane so it hit the water on his side.

Some details after that are not clear. Redmon said she remembers undoing her seatbelt, but she doesn't know how she got out of the plane.

She says Croatan Sound was cold and she was trying to swim to shore, but the fog made it hard to see.

Her screams led Dare County rescuers to her.

'I would like to thank them for being in the right place at the same time. There was a lady's voice that kept me strong, knowing she was listening,' Redmon added.

She was taken to the hospital and after being checked out, she went home.

Dive teams from the NC Department of Transportation and Chicamacomico Banks Fire Department located Carlisle in the submerged plane on Monday.

It was brought on land on Tuesday as federal investigators work to determine what caused the plane to go down.

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