WILLIAMSBURG-- The Virginia Department of Education launched a new email service this week that will provide Standards of Learning (SOL) resources and information directly to classroom teachers.

For years, the Virginia Department of Education was looking for a better way to communicate with the state's 100,000 public school teachers.

In a recent survey, the Department of Education found that teachers had a hard time sorting out essential information from numerous correspondence.

The email updates, called 'Teacher Direct,' will contain approximately 10 items that are new, have approaching deadlines or are of high interest to teachers.

'Teachers are enthusiastic about receiving information directly from VDOE on new and existing SOL resources that will help them and their students be successful in meeting the commonwealth's expectations for learning, achievement and critical thinking,' Superintendent of Public Instruction Patricia I. Wright said. 'I want teachers to know about a new SOL resource or professional development opportunity as soon as the information is available so they and their students can benefit sooner rather than later.'

So far about 4.200 teachers have logged in.

Click here to sign up for Teacher Direct.

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