NORFOLK-- The flu outbreak has been widespread in Hampton Roads and now a new app may help you figure out which of your Facebook friends made you sick.

The app, called 'Help I have the Flu,' is programmed to scan your facebook friends' content for keywords like 'cold' or 'sneezing,' and then alert you about who has posted about it.

The app ranks the top four and then lets you send them a quarantine message where you could write, 'Hey! Stay away!'

Dr. Marilyn Van Horn at the Hague Medical Center says people should have fun with it.

'It's not a good deterrent. It's someone trying to cash in on the flu hype and it's working. Best thing you can do is wash your hands and don't touch your face.'

Dr. Van Horn says if you don't heed the advice in your actual world, your virtual world won't make much of a difference.

The app already has 10,000 plus users and is free to download.

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