RICHMOND-More than three dozen people say they've gotten suspicious phone calls about the new Virginia Tax Refund Debit Card.

Starting this year, your state refund be sent via direct deposit or put on a pre-paid debit card called the Way2Go Card. Paper checks will not be issued any more.

In an alert issued Wednesday, the Va. Dept. of Taxation warned of automated calls that tell residents their 'Way2Go prepaid MasterCard is locked for security reasons.' The message then asks you to press 1 to unlock it, which gives the caller access to personal information.

'It's worrisome. We've received reports from about 30 people who received the calls and our Customer Services Dept. has received around 10 calls,' spokesman Joel Davison told

Davison stressed that the department never makes automated calls and never solicits personal information over the phone.

If you have questions, call the Customer Services Department at 1-804-367-8031.

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