NEWPORT NEWS - Wednesday night, 13-year old Nazea Twiggs was all smiles. He and his family were eating Chick-Fil-A in Newport News, where customers could request proceeds from their orders be given to the family.

'I love it and I really appreciate everybody that came out and donated money for me and seeing all my friends my teachers, most of my teachers and a lot of friends, a lot of my mom's friends,' he said.

During the Thanksgiving holiday, Nazea couldn't put any weight on his right knee. He and his family later learned he has a type of bone cancer that may be spreading to his lungs.

His mother, Darnella Beale, was overwhelmed with the turn out.

'This is amazing. I want to thank everyone coming out support Nazea with the prayers and kind words. This is nothing but God,' she said.

Beale admitted she was reluctant to bring her son to the restaurant because he wasn't feeling well because of a chemotherapy treatment, but Nazea insisted on showing up to meet his friends.

'He was never hesitant to come out. It was me more so trying to keep him home. He refused to stay home. He had to come out to see the people that support him,' she added.

Stephan Twiggs said it was great to see his son smiling. 'It's just crazy to one day be running around playing with my son and the next month, I'm pushing him around in a wheel chair. As long as he's good, I'm good. As long as he's smiling, I'm good,' Twiggs stated.

Nazea's knee surgery is set for February 12th in Richmond. Doctors hope it will save his leg.

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