CHESAPEAKE - Becky Robinson said the cut up cans and bottles she found in her son's room tipped her off to the fact that he'd been smoking marijuana. She said she never would've known he was getting high if his pipe was disguised as a bracelet.

13News showed Robinson a hookah bracelet that police said is commonly used to hide smoking illegal drugs.

'This probably would have gotten by me. I wouldn't have thought to check or ask or inspect the bracelet,' she said.

To the untrained eye, the bracelet looks like jewelry. But when you pull it apart, one end has a bowl with a filter and other end has a mouthpiece. Pack it with marijuana and you've got a pipe.

Chesapeake Police Officer Leo Kosinski warns parents about these type of smoking accessories, which are commonly disguised as bracelets or rings. He said they are becoming popular with kids.

'It's almost like it's being marketed for secrecy. Obviously, this is designed to sell to people to smoke marijuana out of, so nobody knows ,' said Kosinski.

Many of the smoking accessories are sold as hookah accessories to smoke a flavored tobacco from the Middle East. Officer Kosinski says that's a cover up.

'There are several smoke shops if you will in and around the Tidewater area. I believe everything in there is marketed for tobacco use, but most of that stuff is what kids or adults or whoever gets it to illegally smoke marijuana and other illegal drugs,' said Kosinski.

13News purchased a Hookah Bracelet online. Even though the site said you must be 18 years or older to buy them, we entered our information, sent it off and the bracelet came in the mail. No questions were asked.

' You could have children, you know middle school age children, going on the Internet and buying things like this,' worries Kosinski.

13News showed police a ring we purchased at a local smokeshop and Officer Kosinski said it's exactly what kids will use to hide they're getting high.

'A person with the right amount of ingenuity can almost make anything a smoking device ,' said Kosinski.

We asked a store associate where the ring was bought what they had to say about police's claims. The employee said all the products were for tobacco use only and they couldn't see how how the ring could be disguised as anything other than a pipe.

Police said kids are attracted to these smoking accessories because they're trendy and secretive. Police said even though nothing may seem suspicious, pay attention to things like odors and your child's behavior.

'Pay attention. Be aware. Be involved. Don't be afraid to go through their room and just mill around and figure out what's going on,' suggested Kosinski.

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