NORFOLK - Across the nation, law enforcement authorities are increasingly advising school officials and even young students to physically confront suspects in campus attacks as a final line of defense, according to a story in USA Today.

The paper outlined this shift in tactics in a recent report.

On Wednesday, local police and first responders met to discuss what they've learned from Sandy Hook. We asked them if they agree with the concept that teachers should confront suspects as a last resort.

'For those who are not experienced in martial arts, I wouldn't encourage them to be heroes. Let the law enforcement take care of that,' Major James Clark of Isle of Wight Sheriff's Office said.

In the past, teachers were advised to run and hide while waiting for police to answer calls for help. Now, new training videos advise educators to fight shooters as a last resort.

The City of Houstonreleased a video called 'Run, Hide, Fight.' It tells adults that if their lives are at risk, they should fight with aggression and commit to taking the shooter down no matter what.

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