CHESAPEAKE- Explosives experts were at the Gilmerton Bridge in Chesapeake Friday morning to dispose of old military ammunition.

Police tell the items were found by a construction worker under the old bridge on the South Norfolk side, so traffic was being detoured. Marine traffic had also been stopped. The waterway from Money Point to the I-64 High Rise Bridge was closed, said the Coast Guard.

Railroad traffic was stopped for more than an hour.

They re-opened the bridge to all traffic around 4 p.m. Friday.

A response team from EOD Detachment Norfolk, based at Naval Station Norfolk, was working with Chesapeake authorities.

Capt. Scott Saunders with the Chesapeake Fire Marshal's office said that the ordnance, which appears to be 15-inch shells, is encased in a concrete counterweight and appears to have been there since the old bridge was built.

Saunders said the material is being treated as if it could be live ammunition.

Drivers can use the I-64 High Rise Bridge and the new tolled South Norfolk Jordan Bridge.

The old Gilmerton Bridge, built in 1938, is being replaced by a new lift span. That work began in November 2009. The new span on Rt. 13 over the southern branch of the Elizabeth River is expected to be complete in January 2014.

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