JAMES CITY COUNTY--Shantena Freeman has called the Family Inn Motel in James City County home since last summer. Although she says she paid her rent two weeks in advance, last Friday she was given three days notice to get out.

'Just because we are poor does not mean that they should or could take advantage of us,' said Freeman.

Diana Hutchens with James City County Social Services said the county is cracking down on the motel after it had problems with water leaks, mold and faulty staircases. Hutchens said 40 adults and 13 children live there.

'We haven't issued a notification from the county's perspective yet. There will be a determination made by code compliance. They'll be coming out tomorrow with the Department of Health,' said Hutchens.

Social Services said they are helping residents relocate and making sure the motel management gives them any rent money paid in advance.

The motel office manager tells 13News they received a verbal notice from the county about the closure last Friday. She also said to her knowledge the motel has passed all its previous inspections and hasn't been officially condemned.

Social Services said their hope is to have people in new homes before the motel is shut down.

'We are not going to have anybody leave here and be homeless. We are trying to avoid that,' said Hutchens.

Still, residents are upset that the motel management did not give them further notice of the shutdown.

Christopher McKown lives at the motel with his girlfriend and said he doesn't know where he's going to go.

'We are getting evicted four days after they are paying roofers to come fix something that's getting ready to get condemned,' said McKown.

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