VIRGINIA BEACH-- This is the time of year that many people start discovering newborn wild animals.

Evelyn Flengas has a wildlife refuge in Virginia Beach. She just took in a rare baby squirrel.
'I've seen albino squirrels, but I have never seen a little black squirrel. It is supposed to be born gray. In the U.S. we do not have black squirrels in this particular area.'

Most of us are used to seeing the eastern gray squirrel. Flengas says someone cutting a tree discovered the black squirrel, and brought him to her. 'He's approximately between five and five-and-a-half weeks old. You can usually tell by the top teeth and they are coming in. The tail is beginning to feather.'

After 20 some years of doing wildlife rescue, Flengas always has new creatures, like baby possums. She warns this is the time of the year for people to be careful. 'People are out there cleaning up their yards, cutting down trees. Sometimes we don't realize moms are right there, busy getting their babies together.'

Flengas is also constructing a butterfly garden. She contacted the mother of Catherine Hubbard, one of the Sandy Hook victims. Flengas heard on CNN that Hubbard loved butterflies and animals. She was inspired to put 26 bricks in her garden to honor the 26 victims of Sandy Hook.

The kind hearted Flengas says releasing her animals is by far the hardest part of her rehab calling.

'They find their house or tree or box, and then it's goodbye!'

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