CHESAPEAKE--Chesapeake Public Schools opened its own pharmacy Monday to save money on health care costs.

Teachers, retirees and their families will be able to fill their prescriptions at the Deep Creek Center in the Washington Shoppes off old George Washington Highway.

'The main thing is to keep the cost down and provide good service to our employees and their families,' school spokesperson Tom Cupitt said.

A Georgia company called On-Site RX will manage the pharmacy.

Superintendent James Roberts said he thinks Chesapeake is the first school in Virginia to open its own pharmacy.

'No one can tell us that anyone else is doing this,' Cupitt said.

The city of Chattanooga, Tennessee runs a pharmacy for its employees. Cupitt said Chesapeake school leaders got the idea from them, and decided to pursue the option.

If 50 percent of school employees use the pharmacy, school officials hope to save $1.5 million in health care costs each year.

In addition to serving as a pharmacy, flu shots, diabetes-management coaching and other wellness programs will also be available.

A Great Bridge location is scheduled to open in late April in Knells Ridge Square off North Battlefield Boulevard.

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