RICHMOND--Gov. Bob McDonnell has amended the transportation funding reform bill in an effort to satisfy concerns about its constitutionality.

The governor's amendments also cut the disputed $100 fee on hybrid cars to $64 a year, reduce regional increases in real estate and taxes paid on hotel stays and reduce the titling tax on vehicle purchases.

Prius owner Joe Cook says it's not the amount of the fee charged to hybrid owners that is unacceptable but the principle of charging eco-friendly transportation.

'You know we already pay more for this car to start with because we want to do our part and now we're being punished and that's not right,' says Cook.

Republican Delegate Ron Villanueva praised the Governor's move to, 'solidify Hampton Roads power to set transportation spending priorities' and offered 13News an explanation of the hybrid tax.

'There's no doubt that they're helping the environment with the purchase of these hybrid vehicles but there is still wear and tear on the roads,' says Villanueva.

McDonnell says the original fee was based on higher than accurate rate of taxation on gasoline.

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