NORFOLK-In college, they say you learn the biggest lessons outside the classroom. Well, that may also apply to the students at Little Creek Elementary School in Norfolk.

Their latest act of kindness through Rachel's Challenge had them collecting and donating toys to 'FORKIDS', a non-profit that helps homeless families.

'We thought they'd feel a little bit better,' said student Rosario Bradford.

They are and they're helping to address a growing problem. The number of homeless students in southside schools has jumped 44 percent in the last two years.

'I think for our families, just knowing that other families care makes a big difference,' said Thaylor McCormick, the FORKIDS CEO.

'They're in crisis, they're hurting, homelessness hurts. Just knowing other families, other kids care about them makes a big difference.'

The overall goal of Rachel's Challenge is to improve school environments by inspiring kids to be better people -- use random acts of kindness to foster positive growth.

The principal at Little Creek Elementary School says it's working. So does student Terrence Shepard.

'We're learning how to be kind and help other kids and have compassion,' Shepard said.

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