VIRGINIA BEACH -- The wait is finally over for a popular fast food chain restaurant in Virginia Beach.

It's called Jollibee and the restaurant opened Sunday morning on South Plaza Trail.

The chain started some 35-years ago overseas and arrived 17 years ago on the West Coast in the United States.

The restaurant features Filipino-inspired food and because of the strong Filipino presence here in Hampton Roads, the company decided to open shop in Virginia Beach.

Customers stood in line for hours before the store even opened on Sunday to get a Jollibee's meal.

Myrna Gonzalez of Virginia Beach was thrilled for the grand opening. 'Jolliebee is well known in the Philippines, and I'm raised and born in the Philippines so all these years of not being home to have a Jolliebee's, I'm going to be excited,' said Gonzales.

'Jollibee's is part of our growing up back from home, especially after church.'

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