NORFOLK-- Crews worked to remove rats from a Norfolk elementary school Tuesday after the rodents were spotted at a school carnival over the weekend.

Parents told 13News they saw rats running out of the cafeteria at White Oak Elementary School. The parents are concerned about rats being near food and their childrens' health.

Parents also said they're upset school leaders didn't tell them about the rat problem.

One concerned parent sent 13News a message about the problem, claiming that the rats have become more numerous and bolder.

'Over the past week, the rats have started coming out in front of the students and this past Saturday they ran out in front of parents at our school carnival. I am concerned because I know for a fact the droppings are not being cleaned up and concerned for the well-being of the children in the school,' said the concerned parent, who also said that school officialshave been working on the problem since December.

School officials say crews have set traps in the ceiling and typical rat hideouts. Workers are searching for any holes or places where rats may have gotten into the building.

Officials say that White Oaks is an older building, but they are working to resolve the issue.

This isn't the first time a Beach school has had trouble with rats. Two years ago, rats were found inside Kemps Landing Magnet.

Crews caught more than 50 rats in traps. Ceiling insulation had to be ripped out where the rats nested.

It cost more than $75,000 to make the building rat-free.

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