FRANKLIN--Concerned Citizens Against High Utility Bills met Thursday night to discuss the outcome of an afternoon meeting that occurred involving some of its members and the Mayor and City Manager about the city's high utility bills.

About 70 residents attended the evening meeting.

According to group spokesperson, Linwood Johnson, it was decided that the group would seek a referendum for the November ballot, which, if passed, would eliminate the City of Franklin as a middle man for purchasing power for its residents. The referendum, if successful, would allow Dominion Power to sell directly to customers.

Currently the City of Franklin buys power wholesale from Dominion Power and then sells electricity to its residents. It's been that way for more than 50 years.

According to Johnson, the group would need about 800 signatures to place the issue on the ballot, but the group set a goal of 1000 signatures just to make sure the referendum was achieved.

Many people in Franklin got an unexpected, unpleasant surprise in the mail this spring - huge electric bills, some for hundreds of dollars more than the average.


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