NORFOLK--For five years, Winter Arif was on the fast track, earning a masters degree in urban planning from Norfolk State University and working for an accounting firm.

With a little help, Arif created a website and a whole new business called Ksquared Cupcakes.

'I only live on this earth one time and so if I don't try to do this I won't know if I can be successful,' said Arif.

Ksquared is named after her two young daughters- Kennedy and Kameron.

'It was a huge leap. I have two daughters. I have a mortgage. I have bills, you know things of that nature,' said Arif.

Today, a kitchen is her office and she's showing 13News Reporter Joe Flanagan how to make her famous cupcakes.

Winter can create a wide variety of gourmet cupcakes, from bacon flavor to strawberry glaze, and each one with a flash of glitter.

Winter made a video and applied to be on The Food Network show Cupcake Wars. She passed the audition and was in hysterics when she got the news.

'And I just started bawling. And actually, the next door neighbor was standing outside and she was like, 'What's wrong? Is everything okay?' And I was like, 'I am happy and I am fine you know,'' said Arif.

Arif will make her big debut at the end of May.

What is Winter's advice for other people who feel like reinventing themselves? 'I would say go for it! You'll never know if you will be successful until you try,' said Arif.

And Winter's advice for Joe working in the cupcake industry?

'With some more training I think you would do great,' concluded Arif.

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