NORFOLK -- The guided-missile destroyer USS Bainbridge (DDG 96) departed Norfolk Friday afternoon for a seven-month tour of duty.

The crew will be on patrol in the European and African theaters, looking to stop piracy in the 5th and 6th Fleet areas.

It's a job they're used to doing. Perhaps most famously, in 2009, the captain of the Motor Vessel Maersk-Alabama was brought aboard Bainbridge following his rescue after being held captive by pirates by four days off the coast of Somalia.

No member of the crew from the rescue of Maersk-Alabama Captain Richard Phillips remains on board the Bainbridge today.

The current Bainbridge commanding officer, CDR Dave Pearson, tells 13News that the last member of '09 rescue crew left the Bainbridge a few months ago for another assignment in the Navy.

Bainbridge was commissioned in 2005 and is one of about three dozen Arleigh Burke Flight IIA-class destroyers in active service.

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