NORFOLK-- It's a special day when a child comes into this world, but it may be even more special when it happens on Father's Day.

On Sunday, the nursery was busy at Sentara Leigh Memorial Hospital. Baby Amelia's father was one proud poppa. 'Even before we got married, I said when we start having kids, our first child is going to be a girl. And she said no it's not. It's going to be a boy. It was a girl!' Ray Massiah said.

Baby Cameron Edwards arrived about the same time as Baby Mia. But Cameron's father Tryrance Edwards was a lot more subdued about it all. 'It's a gift from God,' he said.

The Campbells were all smiles with their new son Crew, who actually arrived three weeks early. 'My first child Kenley was born early too at one pound. But she came home on Mother's Day. So she got her Mother's Day gift, and I got my Father's Day gift!' Robert Campbell explained.

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