NORFOLK - Do you remember hearing about the dog that was mistaken for a lion?

Many people called the Norfolk Police 9-1-1 in January to report a possible lion on the loose.

Turns it it wasn't a lion. It was Charles the Monarch, a labradoodle with a haircut that makes him look like a lion. Owner Daniel Painter fashioned the look because he's a fan of the Old Dominion Monarchs.

After a whirlwind tour of New York, he's gone back to normal life. 'He does (volunteers) different charities for different cancers. He's the ambassador for Operation Smile, which is a great group and we helped launch the Shamrock at the Oceanfront with Ronald McDonald,' Painter said.

Things could get hectic again with the first edition release of Charles the Lion Dog children's book.

'It's Charles with his adventures throughout the day, people that see him and the stuff he gets into. This is the first series and we're trying to do 8 series, but all we're trying to do is raise money for the first series and let it take off from there,' Painter added.

There's a fundraising effort through Kickstarter underway to get the book published.

The illustrator is Pamela Barcita, a Chesapeake artist with over 20 children's book and multiple Mom's Choice awards to her credit.

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