NORFOLK- There are more temporary workers in the US workforce now than ever before, according to a new report released by the US Labor Department.

According to the report, more than 2.7 million Americans work in temporary positions.

Shira Itzhak, owner of Remedy Staffing Solutions in Virginia Beach, says companies in Hampton Roads are no exception to that national trend.

Itzhak says she has seen an increase in business from companies who need workers but are hesitant to hire someone on full-time. Instead, companies contract with Itzhak's company to recruit, screen and hire workers, many of whom get hired into full-time positions later on.

18-year-old Khalil Lamb was filling out the paperwork for a temp job.

'As soon as I graduated, my mother told me about Remedy staffing. Um, she was big on my trying to get a job,' he said.

Theresa Bryant, vice president for Workforce Development at Tidewater Community College, says temporary jobs lead to full-time jobs that offer a steady paycheck and benefits. But she cautions people against getting stuck in temporary work for too long.

Instead, Bryant works with area companies to help screen, hire and train workers to do specialized jobs, such as welding.

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