ISLE OF WIGHT--ISLE OF WIGHT---A stray cat that bit a girl in Isle of Wight County has tested positive for rabies.

County health officials say the girl had tried to pick up the cat this week in the Smithfield Heights area.

Ten-year-old Leah Johnson spoke exclusively with 13News Now reporter Philip Townsend Thursday afternoon and said she just finished her first round of vaccinations.

She says the kitten wasn't aggressive and showed no signs of being sick.

'I learned that I should never pick up stray animals,' Leah said.

Animal Control responded and officials told the family there could be more cats in the neighborhood with the disease.

'They said there could be between three and five kittens if it was a litter,' said Leah's mother Jennifer Johnson.

Animal Control plans to set traps in the neighborhood to gather and test stray animals in the area.

Health officials recommend that people and pets stay away from wild or stray animals and seek treatment immediately for animal bites.

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