NORFOLK -- Virginia lawmakers praised President Barack Obama's decision to seek Congressional approval for military action in Syria, but remained divided on whether the United States should get involved in the situation.

Pressure for military action has been mounting since last week when the Syrian government allegedly carried out a chemical attack that killed hundreds of civilians.

5 Norfolk-based war ships are on standby in the Mediterranean Sea.

United States Senator Tim Kaine said the men and women on-board deserve unified support from Washington.

'They [service members] are entitled to have the full support of the nation's political leadership behind them,' said Kaine. 'They should not have to go into a situation like this, you know, with the President ordering them to do it but with uncertainty whether Congress supports it or not.'

United States Representative Rob Wittman agreed the President should consult Congress, but he remained skeptical about a proposed attack.

'I still have deep concerns about military action there,' Wittman told 13News Now. 'I do believe strongly that Congress has a constitutional responsibility to have their input in that decision-making process, and I want to make sure the President gives the Congress the opportunity to do just that.'

Senator Kaine said he supports the President's desire to punish the Syrian regime with a military attack, the scope of which remains unclear.

'There has to be a set of actions including military actions in my view that would deter the future use of chemical weapons and even degrade the ability of the regime to use them,' said Kaine.

Congress remains in recess until September 9.

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