What is it? a knife with 60% less surface area than a standard knife, which creates less friction and means less food sticks to it

What does it claim? to cut twice as smooth without sticking without it ever needing to be sharpened

Who tested it? Trish Jones, who is likes fresh fruits and vegetables

What Are The Instructions? Trish washed the Aero Knife and put it right to work without any problems.

To prolong its life, wash and dry the knife immediately after you use it. Prolonged exposure to acidic substances like tomatoes and lemons can damage even the most high quality knives over time.

You can clean Aero Knife in the dishwasher, but the makers recommend hand washing and drying to prevent damage to the blade and to maintain the knife's luster. To prevent permanent damage to its eternal edge, don't try to cut through bones. It is not designed for heavy duty purposes.

The makers warn you not to sharpen the Aero Knife with a knife sharpener because that could permanently damage the cutting edge.

Did it work? Trish was very impressed. She has several higher-priced knives that she usually uses, but she found the Aero Knife did a better job. She said the lighter feel of the knife took a little getting use to, but she didn't mind. She found it to be true to the claims that it cuts twice as smooth without sticking and she was cutting up things like tomatoes and avocados without a problem.

Cost/Availability? You can purchase The Aero Knife at Walgreens for $9.99.

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