NORFOLK - Police at Old Dominion University will go undercover this weekend looking for trouble at off-campus parties.

This comes after a couple of shootings and robberies that have taken place near the university the past three weekends.

Chief Rhonda Harris says the undercover officers will be looking for illegal activities.

The Iguana Lounge on W. 37th St. is offering enhanced security so students can feel safe. They will have armed and trained security staff that will give ODU students a ride back to their dorms or walk with them to a secure place.

General Manager Randy Hobbs says the response from customers has been positive.

'A lot of people say they feel comfortable here, especially the women, ' Hobbs said. 'They realize they don't have to leave at ten or eleven but can hang out with friends.'

University police say many of the off-campus parties are advertised on social media and are attracting students from all the area colleges and individuals from outside the area.

They're asking ODU students to avoid the parties.

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