FRANKLIN Franklin Public Schools will undergo division-level public review, the Virginia Board of Education decided Thursday.

The move comes following a school-level academic review and follow-up review, which examined the three Franklin schools this past school year.

Superintendent Dr. Michelle R. Belle told that review will come in the very near future.

'Unfortunately, after having been fully accredited for three straight years, in 2012-2013 FCPS fell into warning in math at the middle and high schools and reading at the elementary school. In 2013-2014 we are warned again in math at the high school; warned in reading and math at the elementary school and warned in math, reading and history at the middle school.'

Dr. Belle said the division has taken steps already to work on the issues, including adding
staff supports to address critical areas, more administrative staff so principals and assistant principals can spend more time in classrooms to monitor instruction, created a more tailored approach to address professional/staff development for administrators and teachers and consultants are working with staff in the areas of reading and math.

'We look forward to having the team come in to conduct the division level review. Most importantly, however, we look forward to their findings and recommendations. This will give us additional guidance to lead us back to full accreditation and the improved academic achievement of our children in light of the societal ills many of them are faced with each and every day,' Dr. Belle stated.

Click here to read the document from the Board of Education.

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