NORFOLK -- It was a frightening night for a Norfolk woman who was asleep in her bed when a stray bullet was fired through the floor and grazed her leg.

Police said the shot was fired during a domestic dispute around 2 a.m. Friday at a house on Leo Street.

'I remember throwing something off the bed before I got up to turn the light on. I thought it was one of my daughter's hair beads, and when I got up to look for the bead, I didn't find the bead - I found the bullet,' said Jasmine Alexander.

Police said the shot pierced Jasmine's closet ceiling, glanced off the wall and then grazed her leg. She screamed and woke up her mother and her brother.

'We didn't know what it was at first until I grabbed it and I realized it was a bullet,' the victim's brother Javonte Alexander said. 'There is probably a hole in here somewhere, so we started looking and we found one up there.'

Police said Jasmine was treated for a gunshot to her leg.

Jermaine Bynum was arrested and charged with possession of a firearm by a convicted felon and reckless handling of a firearm.

'He'll get what he deserves. Basically, it's out of my hands now,' Jasmine said.

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