UPDATE 11/5: Virginia Beach Animal Control is searching for whoever is responsible for decapitating a cat.

Officer Wayne Gilbert said a cat's head that was found on October 29. Gilbert said officers have not found any bodies.

'Our vet did a necropsy, but it's hard to tell how the cat died by only examining its head,' Gilbert said.

Additionally two other people in the same neighborhood have reported their cats as missing.

'Since we have limited information about the decapitated cat, we need people to call crimesolvers,' Gilbert said. 'Our biggest advice is people need to make sure their cat stays on their property. If your cat goes missing, report it to animal control.'

VIRGINIA BEACH A Virginia Beach family is looking for answers after their cat was found decapitated over the weekend.

Leo Osio says his 17-year-old cat Oliver went missing from his Ocean Lakes home several weeks ago.

On Monday afternoon, Osio learned something that left him speechless.

'I went to the association in Ocean Lakes and they told me they found a cat decapitated,' said Osio.

In the past month, Osio says all three of his cats have gone missing, one later returned badly injured.

It turns out several cats have seemed to vanished around the same time in Ocean Lakes.

Lynn and Ron Smith live a couple streets over from the Osios. Their cat Blackie, went missing a couple of days ago.

Lynn learned of the Osio's dead cat when she went to the neighborhood association, looking for her missing cat.

'I just can't imagine, it makes me sick to my stomach,' said Smith.

These Virginia Beach cat owners believe someone rather than something is behind the disappearances.

'I know it's not an animal because an animal doesn't rip an animal's head,' said Osio.

Now these families of animal lovers are hoping for justice and a peaceful return for their feline friends.

'Animal Control called me and they said they're going to open an investigation,' said Osio.

13News Now reached out to the Virginia Beach Animal Control but was unable to confirm they have opened an investigation.

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