It's a big day on the New York Stock Exchange for Twitter. Shares of Twitter begin trading today. The opening price of a share will start at $26. Twitter's debut on Wall Street is expected to create some new millionaires in Silicon Valley.

DVD-by-mail sales will be ending in mid-December for Blockbuster. The company will also be closing its 300 remaining stores by early January, focusing instead on its digital operation.

Military veterans and their spouses are getting a double shot of good news from Starbucks. The company announced that it will be hiring 10,000 military members during the next five years. Plus on Monday, Veteran's Day, Starbucks will be handing out free coffee to all vets and their spouses.

Did you hear about those great deals that popped up yesterday on Walmart's website? People were getting computer monitors for $9, treadmills for $20 and kayaks for $11. Yes it was too good to be true. Prices were not rolled back that much and Walmart will not be honoring those prices. Customers who thought they were getting those deals will instead be getting a $10 gift card.

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