Getting an upgrade on your next flight may be as easy as placing a bid. American Airlines is testing the new option that lets passengers bid for better service. All you do is submit your offer, along with your credit card information, and you will be notified by email if you've won. You'll receive priority check-in, boarding and baggage handling, as well as complimentary food and beverage upgrades. In case you were wondering, requests from Elite-status members of its AAdvantage program will continue to get priority over bidders.

It seems more people are traveling these days. A new study says in the next decade travelers will face holiday-like congestion at many major airports every week! In fact, it's already happening in some cities.

Are you ready for the latest in household fire alarms? It's definitely a hi-tech makeover. The 'Nest Protect' issues a detailed verbal warning when it detects smoke or carbon monoxide. It sends a message to the owner's Smartphone or tablet. If you want to put it on your Christmas list, it retails for $129.

How would you like to pay less than $2 for a pair of pants? That'sone of several itemsJCPenney is offering at that price. The struggling retailer is really putting the pressure on its rivals with deals like this. JCPenney says it is hoping the promotion will not onlybring in customers but also help to clear out some oldinventory.

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