VIRGINIA BEACH - First a decapitated cat; now two dead rabbits. The deaths have the Ocean Lakes area on alert.

'It scares you to death,' said a man who found two of his pet rabbits dead outside his front yard last Tuesday.

He and his wife, who wish to remain anonymous, live on Ashmore Drive near Ocean Lakes, the neighborhood where a decapitated cat was found last week.

'No sign of bite marks, no blood, no nothing, just dead,' recounted the rabbit's owner.

The couple filed a police report and ordered their own necropsy. It saidthe rabbits died from trauma, with both of their backs broken in the same place, rupturing their stomachs.

Virginia Beach Animal Control says an investigation is under way.

The couple is trying to move on, getting two new bunnies and building a new, stronger enclosure for them. The thought of what may have happened to their beloved animals last week, still has them on edge now.

'My wife doesn't even want to leave the house because she's afraid somebody will break into our house and kill our other animals,' the man said.

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