VIRGINIA BEACH -- Remember when Black Friday meant getting up before daylight the day after Thanksgiving to track down bargains? Now, shoppers no longer have to wait until Friday.

To keep from being outdone, more and more stores are opening on Thanksgiving Day this year.

'We just like coming out, having a good time. That's what we come out here for,' said George Wessell, who, along with others, began the bargain campout at Best Buy on Independence Boulevard Wednesday.

'We've had snow before, but it was like 32 degrees, no wind, just nice little snowfall, but this is -- the wind and the rain -- definitely makes this the worst year,' Wessell told 13News Now. 'We'll just sit back here, and we'll hang on, and if we fly away, we just fly away.'

'This is something crazy we do every year. Some people go on crazy trips. They go jump out of airplanes, you know. We get crazy and camp out in front of Best Buy for good deals on TVs,' offered Joe Rice.

Patrick Henry Mall in Newport News is opening at 8 p.m., 4 hours earlier than ever before. They say opening early is what their shoppers want.

'It's a sign of the times -- part of the shopping experience. Some people find that it's part of the holiday experience as well,' said Mikia Ross with Patrick Henry Mall.

Chris Ann Jackson of Yorktown said she didn't know the mall would be opening that early, but she likes idea.

'After we eat we normally sit around and get a little board in the evening, so it might be worth coming out,' Jackson said.

Many shoppers say they are anxious for a head start on their holiday shopping.

'Younger shoppers want to come in the mall a little bit earlier. They want to eat, they want to rest for a maybe a half an hour and then get back out there and shop, said Ross.

While the malls are expected to be packed full of shoppers, others say they are making it a point to stay at home.

'I just got 40 percent off at Old Navy so I got just as good a deal as I would have tomorrow or the next day, or Saturday and I don't like crowds,' said shopper Dawn Tribby.

Stores like Costco and Nordstrom have gotten quite a bit of praise for announcing they would not be opening on Thanksgiving Day.

'Thanksgiving is a time that we should spend with our families being thankful for all the blessings that we have - not planning our rampage through the sale aisles to save $20 off a pot set,' Sarah N John Kutch wrote on the 13News Now Facebook page.

'You know, everybody wants to hate that stores are open, people have to work. Well, people have to work , and that's just it. It's people like us that keep stores like this in business,' said Rice.

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