VIRGINIA BEACH -- The husband of Lorita Aiken, who is accused of trying to kill her two children by poisoning them, is standing behind his wife.

Jeff Aiken explained that his wife was suffering from depression and he blames her doctors for over-prescribing her antidepressants.

'It's just too much medicine, way too much. It never would have happened if it weren't for that,' Jeff told 13News Now Tuesday.

'My wife would never let anything happen to our children. It's completely unbelievable,' Jeff Aiken said.

Lorita was arrested last week for poisoning her 4 and 5-year-old kids' food last month at their home on Richard Road in Virginia Beach.

Jeff Aiken says he came home around 5 a.m. from working the night shift and when he recognized his wife's actions he called police.

'I definitely feel like God is involved. The timing was good, it could have been a lot worse,' Jeff said.

Doctors were able to save his wife and two children. Aiken said his kids are now back home with him while his wife sits behind bars.

'My kids are okay. They are fine and healthy.'

Lorita has no prior criminal history and Jeff said he would trust having his wife around his children again.

'My wife truly loved for and cared for our children. She would never under any circumstances, willfully hurt our children,' Jeff said.

Aiken has set up a fund to raise money to hire an attorney for his wife and he's asking for donations. He would like to have his wife released from jail so she can undergo mental health therapy.

'She just needs to get help so we can get our family restored,' Jeff said.

Aiken is also hoping his wife's story will reach other families with loved ones taking antidepressants.

'It's a national problem with these doctors are over-medicating their patients, and people going crazy off antidepressants. How many more people have to die, because of the lack of information between pharmacists, and doctors and hospitals,' Jeff asks.

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