UPDATE 12/17 3 p.m.: Two women accused of stealing donated Christmas toys returned the gifts after hearing the story on the news.

'They are very truthful and apologetic that it worked out this way,' Det. Sgt. Chris Meier said.

Smithfield police explained the mother and daughter signed up for Toys for Tots for the first time this year.

'They got a call that their toys are ready. He gave them an address on S. Church street,' Meier said.

Instead of picking up the toys at an auto center on S. Church st., the couple saw the sign for Toys for Tots at the Fire Station on S. Church Street.

Authorities say the women asked a fireman if they were at the right place to pick up the toys, and when the fireman said yes, they filled up their cars.

Later that night, the mother saw the story about two women stealing the toys from the firestaion on the 11 p.m. news.

'After they saw the story on the news, they called the police at 11:10 p.m,' Meier said.

Toys for Tots coordinator Elizabeth Moose thinks it's a little suspicious that the mother and daughter would take about 60 toys for their family of five.
'I hope it was a misunderstanding,' Moose said.

When the mother returned the toys, Toys for Tots gave her more gifts for her children.

Moose said because of the coverage on 13News Now, volunteers from Gloucester donated more than 300 toys for children in Smithfield.

'Now we will be able to serve more children. I'm glad the Grinch didn't steal Christmas,' Moose said.

UPDATE 12/17: A Toys for Tots group from the middle peninsula donated 300 toys and 4 bikes to the Smithfield Toys for Tots Tuesday.

SMITHFIELD -- Smithfield Police are looking for two women who they say stole toys from a fire station that were intended for the 'Toys for Tots' program.

Authorities say an actual worker for Toys for Tots, Elizabeth Moose, went to the station on Church Street to pick up some of the toys. She didn't have enough room in her car for all the toys so she told the firefighters she would, or someone else, would return for the toys.

When Moose returned three hours later, she found out someone else picked up the toys. Moose says ' They were really good presents, good toys, some had some value to them.We Would have used them for our number one toy in each bag. Probably 30 to 40 of them.'

Smithfield Police Sergeant Chris Meier says 'A light blue minivan pulled up and two black females one late 40's one early 20s showed up and told the fire fighters they were there to pick up the toys for tots box. Firefighters didn't think anything of it because the lady told them she would be back or someone else would be back for the toys.'

Moose referred to the thieves as a Grinch, like in the popular Dr. Seuss book, HOW THE GRINCH STOLE CHRISTMAS, 'All they had to do is ask for the toys and we would've given them the toys, ' she says.

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