CHESAPEAKE -- People who live in one Chesapeake neighborhood say some of their mail is being delivered to the wrong homes.

The neighborhood is off Dock Landing Road and Ames Circle. Residents say the reason for the mix-up is because there there is a North, South, East and West Ames Circle.

Neighbors say this causes a mix-up of mail that's even worse during the holidays.

One of June Clark's Christmas cards ended up at a neighbor's home along with a package. She and many others are concerned that their personal belongings are ending up in the wrong hands.

'You don't know who is going to get your mail and what they might do with it,' said Clark.

Wanda Onhaizer is concerned that one of the gifts she's expecting won't make it to her home because of this delivery confusion.

'It should have been delivered yesterday, and I don't have it yet, so I'm a little nervous,' said Onhaizer.

Tima Dickensheet lives across the street from Onhaizer and has contacted the United Postal Service about the problem.

'I've had medications delivered to my neighbor over on the third street back,' said Dickensheet.

13News Now contacted the USPS, but have not received a response.

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